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Features & Benefits

Verox Bi-Lumen Circuit

Clinical Benefits:

1) The VeroX circuit is ideal for both Adults and Pediatrics:

Since the total circuit volume is much lower than a standard Adult corrugated circuit (either circle or coaxial), the VeroX circuits ideally suited for use with both Adults and Pediatrics, which then avoids the need to stock two different circuits and saves time by eliminating the need to change circuits between these two patient groups.

2) Ideal for Low/Ultra Low flow Anesthesia:

a) Quicker wash-in/wash-out times: – with a much lower total circuit volume than a standard corrugated circle circuit, this allows for quicker wash in/wash out times.

b) Reduces rain out – One of the side effects of running lower flows is the potential for rain-out in the circuit. Cold inspiratory gases are warmed through the inner wall by the returned gases, which helps reduce the overall circuit temperature differential to room air temperature, which in turn reduces rain-out.

3) The VeroX is lighter, smaller and creates a less cluttered work area:

Approximately half the weight of many corrugated Adult circle circuits and is even smaller and lighter than a Coaxial circuit. This means that it is easier to place on the patient, reduces torque on the ET Tube/LMA and provides a cleaner work environment for the Anesthesiologist.

4) Guaranteed Quality through 100% leak testing:

Unlike most manufacturers, every circuit is fully leak tested as part of our stringent quality control measures. Our leak test acceptance levels are far more than the current ISO 5367 standards, which gives the user complete peace of mind that the circuit will pass the most advanced anesthetic machine tests for compliance and leaks and will provide high performance under the most extreme clinical situations such as ultra-low flow anesthesia and pediatric anesthesia.

5) Integrated Gas sampling lines

The Integrated Gas sampling lines positioned in the center of the tidal flow, which is were the best flow is found when tidal volumes are minimal. This will provide a better response for low respiratory output patients, compared to using the sample port on a filter.

6) Silver Ion technology

VeroX circuit is also available with Silver Ion technology which helps in the reduction of diverse types of bacteria found in hospitals in as little as 15 minutes and be 99.99% effective within 2 hours. (Not available in USA or Canada)