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Compliance and Ethics

Business meeting

Biotronix Healthcare is committed to ethically dealing with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, competitors and the communities we deal with.  Our responsibility to comply with all applicable legal requirements and to conduct business responsibly and with integrity is at the foundation of our beliefs.

We not only expect we also insist in the cooperation of all the employees, suppliers,  customers, suppliers and partners to maintain Biotronix Healthcare’s reputation strong in everything we do.  Solid ethics and principles, combined with innovative quality products and a dedicated team is what will make Biotronix Healthcare successful.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a cornerstone of our compliance program, and provides guidance regarding business conduct and practices to all Biotronix Healthcare employees, suppliers, and partners.

More About Biotronix Healthcare Code of Conduct


Overall responsibility for the ethics and compliance program rests with the Chief. Compliance Officer, with oversight from the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of  Directors of Biotronix Healthcare.

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