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Vendor Registration

Improve patient outcomes.

In order to accomplish this goal, we must collaborate with suppliers that provide a high level of quality, service and innovation to meet our needs. That is why we are very careful in our vendor selection process to insure we partner with suppliers that have the same vision towards healthcare that we do   In order to conduct business with Biotronix Healthcare, vendors must demonstrate they comply with the following:

•  Quality products
•  Innovation
•  Excellent customer service
•  Production capabilities
•  International quality control standards
•  Quality Management Systems
•  Environmentally conscious
•  Manufacturing processes
•  Financial stability
•  Integrity and honesty
•  Desire to maintain a mutually beneficial business relationship

Your understanding and ability to support these initiatives will be a determining factor in the growth and profitability of your business with Biotronix Healthcare Industries Ltd.

Click here  To send us your company information.  Include your company website and contact information and a Biotronix Healthcare purchasing representative will contact you.

Healthcare Partnerships for a Stronger Future!