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Newborn Heel Safety Lancet

Suture Line

Enhanced Wound Healing with
Improved Patient Outcomes


Safety IV. Catheter

Bi-Lumen Design Advanced Breathing Circuit

Lighweight, Thermally Proficiency, 
Integrated gas Sampling Line

Bio-Guard Plus

Syringes with. Safety Needle



Healthcare facilities and professionals are faced with many uncertainties and challenges. Reduced budgets and limited resources force them to carefully plan their investment decisions on medical supplies and medical devices.

That is why Biotronix Healthcare is dedicated to helping healthcare facilities limit those challenges through our medical supplies, medical devices and services, so healthcare professionals can focus on safe, efficient patient care.

Biotronix Healthcare manufactures and distributes a broad range of medical supplies and medical devices for respiratory, anesthesia, wound care, surgical, cardiology, urological laboratory and diagnostic imaging. These medical devices are distributed though Biotronix Healthcare authorized dealers around the world.

Our Goal

At Biotronix Healthcare is to enhance our growth by the development of new highly technological products, unsurpassed customer service and making alliances with new distribution partners that have the same vision.


Bio Guard Safety Syringe System

The Biotronix Healthcare Sure-Guard Retractable Syringes with needle are designed with user ease in mind. The safety feature is designed so the needle retracts into the barrel and locks. Perforated markings allow you to break the plunger preventing needle stick injuries.