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Features & Benefits

BIOTRONIX HEALTHCARE, Silver Alginate Dressing is composed of calcium alginate which is derived from seaweed through a series of special process and silver particles. It is designed to be fast absorbing. The dressing absorbs exudates and forms a gel-like covering over the wound, maintaining a moist environment for wound healing and keeps the dressing from adhering to the wound.

The most fascinating aspect of the dressing is restraining the bacteria growth and reducing infection.


• Infected chronic wounds
• Moderate to heavily draining wounds
• Cavity wounds
• Pressure ulcers
• Diabetic ulcers
• Venous / arterial leg ulcers
• Graft and donor sites
• Post-surgical wounds

Tips for using Sliver Dressing

• Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the patient, wound and environment before deciding whether a silver dressing is appropriate;
• Document the rationale for using a silver dressing in the patient’s healthcare records;
• Choose the silver dressing on the basis of patient and wound needs, ie exudate level, wound depth, need for conformability, odour control, ease of removal and safety;
• For infected wounds, initial use should be for a two week challenge;
• Continued use of silver dressings should include regular review;
• Use silver dressings in the context of a wound management protocol that includes wound bed preparation as appropriate for the wound type;
• Follow manufacturer’s instructions regarding indications, contraindications, method of application, wound cleansing procedures, need for dressing moistening before application, and use in patients undergoing MRI or radiotherapy;
• Use silver dressings with caution in children and very large wounds;