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Biotronix Healthcare Customer Service Associates are available 8:30am to 5:pm EST Monday thru Friday

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Tel: (954) 266-8944 / (954) 320-6088

International Customer Service
Tel: (289) 813-0159 / (416) 876-5035

Sales and Orders
Tel:  (954) 266-8944

Regulatory Affairs

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Features & Benefits
Biotronix Healthcare, Silicone Silver Foam Dressing is used for wounds where infection is already established or at high risk of infection or re-infection. The silver within the porous foam structure acts on bacteria absorbed into the dressing with wound exudate, and affects multiple sites within bacterial cells, ultimately causing bacterial cell death. The high absorbency PU foam is preferable for wounds with high level of exudates, to prevent the formation of pools of exudate where bacteria might flourish beneath the dressing. And the silicone wound contact layer is ideal for irregular wound bed, which ensures that the dressing can be changed without pain.

Various types meet different requirements

Bordered and non-border are not enough for the changing market. Various types of silicone foam dressing are available, including different shapes, different absorption core with SAP/SAF, different dressing thickness of Extra/Lite.

Great conformability In awkward areas

Different shape designs fit for various difficult dressing areas, such as elbow, heel and sacrum. Easy application makes dressing changes easy.