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Features & Benefits

Newborn “Heel Stick”

Newborn “Heel Stick” Screening is a procedure often performed to detect certain life-threatening Congenital Disorders. A few drops of blood could change a child’s life and future development. Bio-Heel is the crucial first step in the process of early detection so that potential life -saving treatment can be given.

• Smaller incision allows the site to heal quicker
• Improved testing accuracy produces a more natural blood flow
• Large firing button for precise placement and easy of use
• Safety feature eliminates reuse
• TYVEK sealed blister packaging
• Hospital – grade stainless steel Micro-blade
• High speed and accurate incision glide path
• Specific color for each size for greater visual distinction

Biotronix Healthcare’s Neo-Stick lancing device is a precision sampling device used by Healthcare professionals in order to collect a capillary sample from an infant’s heel. The controlled and quick movement of the micro-blade and crescent glide-path motion is designed to optimize blood flow and greatly reduce pain and tissue trauma at the incision side.

Neo-Stick is a lancing device specialized for blood sampling from the heel of an infant and the outcome of the crescent glide-path motion of the micro-blade is a high-speed delivery that is more fluid than comparable devices. The different incision widths and depths are designed for different babies (newborns and premature) and the path of the incision is carefully controlled, reaching a depth that is just above where most nerve fibers are located, but still in the capillary bed for optimal blood flow. The end result is a high quality blood sample with significantly less pain and less trauma to a baby’s tender skin.