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Features & Benefits

Mucus Extractor & Specimen Traps

Mucus Extractor is utilized to obtain sputum and/or tracheal aspirate specimens to identify possible bacteria in the lungs.  Allows for easy, convenient collection of mucous specimen samples. After specimen collection, the two connectors are joined to close the system.


Mucus Extractor

• Used for aspiration of secretion from oropharynx in newly born babies to ensure respiration.
• With and without hydrophobic filter
• Clear transparent container permits immediate visual examination of the aspirate.
• Also suitable for obtaining mucus specimen for microbiological exam.
• Spare plug cap is provided to seal the container for safe transportation

   of specimen

• Low friction surface catheter is provided with open end silk smooth round tip, for trauma free insertion.
• Manufactured with transparent medical grade PVC.

Mucus Specimen Trap


• See-through plastic container with gradations clearly marked
• Screw-on cap protects lips – helps maintain sterile pouring surface
• Disposable Adapter,
• Packed sterile