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cover ecu generator
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

a. Automatic Detection Function at Startup and Error Function
b. There are a total of 10 memory settings. Remembers last setting at startup.
c. Neutral electrode contact quality inspection system. The system provides real time evaluation of pad and the patient skin, checking for sufficient contact area. The output will be automatically stopped and alarm is raised if contact detection area is too small or reaching

a dangerous level.
b. Large vessel sealing system
c. Can be combined with Argon System
d. High-definition digital display
e. Excellent compatibilily with Cystoscopy, arthroscopy. laparoscopy. and hysteroscopy.
f. Independen terminal output design

Scope of Application

Suitable for all kinds of cutting and coagulation.

Technical Parameter

Transportation Data

Size: 43cm ( L ) *38cm ( W ) ·16.5 ( H ) (Generator) : 56 ( L ) *63 ( W ) *28cm ( H ) ( outer carton)
Weight: 7kg ( Net Weight ): 10.5kg ( Gross Weight )

Standard Matching Accessories

• Instruction for Use: 1 pc
• Power Cord: 1 pc
• Individual Pedal Switch: 1 pc
• Dual Pedal Switch: 1 pc
• Disposable ESU Pencil: 5 pcs
• Disposable ESU Pad (Split): 5 pcs
• Reusable Cable for Pad: 1 pc
• Reusable Bipolar Forceps+cable: 1 pc
• Reusable ESU Pencil: 1pc
• Reusable ESU Pad (solid)+Cable: 1pc
• Disposable short Electrode tips Leep, Blade, Needle, Ball): 10pcs
• Disposable Long Electrode tips (Leep, Blade, Needle,