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Features & Benefits

CureVac 5000

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System

The CureVac 5000 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) device is a portable, battery powered pump designed for use in hospitals, wound care centers, and other medical facilities. The CureVac 5000, used in conjunction with our anatomically fitted line of wound dressings, may promote wound healing through the drainage and removal of wound exudates, infectious material, and tissue debris from the wound bed using continuous and/or intermittent negative pressure.

The Biotronix Healthcare ProCare 5000 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy pump and ProCare wound dressings are able to produce a negative pressure environment in either intermittent or continuous mode. This allows the user to program the specific pressure ranging from 40mmHg to 200mmHg.

In continuous mode, the pressure is applied to the wound as long as the pump is powered on. In intermittent mode, the pump will alternate between applying pressure for 5 continuous minutes and reducing pressure to 20mmHg for 2 minutes.

The ProCare 5000 device is meant for continuous use (at least 22 of 24 hours per day). The extriCARE 3600 device is not to be used for home use.