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Features & Benefits

Bio-Guard Safety IV Catheter

The Biotronix Healthcare Bio-Guard Safety IV Catheter is an innovative passive catheter design offering an automatic activation. The audible click gives you peace of mind against needle stick injury.

With a siliconized back-cut needle, the Bio-Guard Safety IV Catheter ensures smooth painless insertion. In addition, the Safety Blood Valve prevents blood exposure after retracting the needle.

The Bio-Guard Safety IV Catheter is a cost-effective solution designed to give clinicians the protection they need and patients a smooth and comfortable experience.

Features & Benefits:

• Innovative precision safety design
• Back-Cut Siliconized needle for smooth and painless insertion
• Shorter chamber length for ease of use
• Flexible and resilient polyurethane catheter tube tapered with needle
• Ergonomic and stable grip for precise venipuncture
• Primary and secondary flash back
• Blood safety valve preventing blood exposure after needle extraction


Blood Safety Valve Features

When the needle is removed from the catheter the needle passes thru the blood safety valve closing the valve preventing the blood from coming out of the catheter
When you’re ready to connect IV Administration fluids to the catheter, the blood safety valve is re-engaged allowing fluids to flow into the blood vessel.