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Features & Benefits

Amorphous Hydrogel Tube

BIOTRONIX HEALTHCARE, Amorphous Hydrogel Dressing is a colorless transparent gel with excellent performance. Our Gel can absorb excessive wound exudates, and maintain moist healing environment, which can facilitate epithelization as well as reduce healing time. The gel is non-adherent to wounds so it won’t cause secondary damage.

It is convenient for local application and useful for relieving pain.

The gel can gently re-hydrate necrotic tissue, and facilitate autolytic debridement. It contains propylene glycol and lots of water, which allows it to donate moisture to drier environments and absorb exudate in wetter environments, so the gel can create a moist wound management environment, which is optimal for wound healing.


• Crystal clear transparency for easy, accurate visualization and wound assessment;
• Maintaining hydration balance to provide moist wound environment;
• Encourages wound autolytic debridement;
• Cools and Soothe wound pain;
• Easy to apply in any position, such as cavity & tunneling wounds.


Amorphous Hydrogel

• Contains propylene glycol and lots of water.
• Gently re-hydrates necrotic tissue.
• Easy to modify
• Facilitates autolytic debridement
• Creates a moist wound management environment